Biographical background 2013

 Christine V. Mark has had an extensive formal training in Art and Design, studying at Carlisle College of Art, mentored by John Bratby, and later at the Institute Catholique Paris. On her return to the United Kingdom she completed an apprenticeship in Ceramic Restoration, and then established her own small Ceramic restoration studio. In order to gain experience she took up a place at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts, where she gained extensive experience of Chemistry Theory, which is still helping her today with the technical problems of working with clays and glazes. She has now specialized in the use of her own T. Material in both black and white, and has developed her own range of porcelain, vitreous slips and glazes.

She has travelled widely, and for some time in the Caribbean, and undertook a number of lecturing opportunities. While she was in Puerto Rico she began to feel that she must get back to the creation of contemporary ceramics. She returned to the U.K. to follow a course at Putney School of Art and followed this with three years at the College of Art in Croydon. The creativity of the course at Croydon, introduced her to the vast technical horizons that had yet to be approached. It is this unending search for technical perfection that she still pursues today.

Christine Mark achieves in her work a subtle balance between a sense of graceful movement and a restful elegance in her simple uncluttered forms. Throughout her life she has been constantly inspired by the beauty of movement, colour and atmospheric moods. Many of her pieces have direct links with the innocent simplicity of early civilizations, and to an early introduction in the dance.

Coming to terms with her fascination with direct light she is currently exploring the infinite possibilities of dance and the human form, silhouettes and highlighted images .She consciously spaces the decoration on all her ceramics to create a harmonious whole. Something which she considers of fundamental importance. Much of her work suggests the drama of the ballet and its fleeting images, an impression enforced by the way she creates its own aura, but in company with each other their vibrant colours and forms demands the sort of response usually given to a contemporary ballet or dance company. At present she continues to work with the theme of movement and the human form.

While continuing with her ceramics Christine also worked as an Art Consultant and Restorer in Ceramics, Furniture and Book Refurbishment.

Today Christine Mark lives and works between London and Southern France and has returned to painting and drawing. She works in pencil, watercolour and oils. And is attracted and enchanted with landscape, flora and fauna and character figures. The quality of light being exceptional in the southern part of France where she spends her time finding new objects of interest. The shimmering heat from the sun shows through her almost dream like works, drawing you into her world.

Five dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London
The Arts and Crafts Movement. London
The Ecology Gallery, Covent Garden. London
Innate Harmony Gallery. London
Cre Gallery. Kensington London
Ashdown Gallery, Sussex
Ceramics 7 Gallery Greenwich, London
The Ice House, Kensington London
Gossipgate Gallery, Carlisle Cumbria
Islington Arts Factory London
Cecillia Coleman Gallery London
Profile 3 Gallery London
Open Eye Gallery Scotland
Museum Fur Angewandte Kunst. Germany
National Gallery Trafalgar Square London W.C. 5D.N.
Centre for Photographic Conservation London S.E.23 1H.U.
University of Puerto Rico U.S.A